Bullguard Premium Protection 2021 1 Year/10 Device 10 Pack Multi Device Retail Licence English
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Fully loaded protection for the totally connected family:

- Home Network Scanner. Your network is only as secure as its weakest link.

- Identity Protection. Keep your private data private!

Our premium security suite comes with one of a kind Identity Protection to keep your most private data secure and safe from hackers.

This premium suite monitors your entire digital life 24/7 and ensures your home network and every device connected to it is always safe and can't be hijacked by hackers.

BullGuard Premium Protection is the total online security solution for you, your family and your home network. This premium suite monitors your entire digital life 24/7. Every device on your network is a potential back door, giving bad guys access to everything across the whole network. A Home Network Scanner proactively protects your entire network and every device on it 24/7.


Home and network scanner
Your network is only as secure as its weakest link.

Every device on your network is a potential back door, giving bad guys access to everything across the whole network. Our Home Network Scanner proactively assesses your entire network and every device on it 24/7. That includes thermostats, baby monitors, speakers and all connected devices. Even better, when a new device connects, it automatically performs a deep scan and status check. It's another way we're ensuring smart homes stay safe homes.

Identity protection
Keep your private data private!

Safeguards your personal information from being exploited by hackers and cyber criminals. BullGuard scans the entire web for your usernames, email and postal addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and more that you provide us. Whenever we detect that one of your registered details is made public online, we immediately alert you via email or text message, and provide you with advice on what to do next.

*Identity Protection is only available for US, UK, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland and Netherlands residents

Improves next gen anti-malware
Welcome to the new era of protection

Our next gen anti-malware gives you intelligent triple layer protection. In independent tests run by Microsoft, AV-Test and AV-Comparative BullGuard protection came out on top. Further enhancements include improved behaviourial detection, vulnerability scanning and automatic detection of unsigned drivers. Any malware it detects is locked down in quarantine and then neutralized before infection can take place. It's like a sentry who never sleeps, constantly on the alert for intruders.

Parental control
Rules must sometimes be enforced! Are your children spending time alone on the computer? Not sure what websites the Internet takes them to? With our Parental Control module, you can block access to suspicious websites, put search filters in place, limit your kids time online, monitor their activity and even block certain applications.

Enhanced protection
Enhancements include an improved vulnerability scanner interface that enables users to quickly understand their current protection and exposure levels. Improved protection against behavourial-based threats includes greater stability, detection and remediation with constant policy updates, delivered seamlessly to all end points. It automatically flags Windows security updates which can now viewed directly from the BullGuard interface. A new Autorun feature for removable media enables users to turn Autorun off to ensure that malware will not automatically run if infected removable media is connected to a device.

Bigger better game booster
It's game on! BullGuard Internet Security's expanded game booster feature goes beyond improving gaming performance, to making a PC running games faster than if no security is installed. Gamers no longer need to choose between speed and security, they can now have both. Independent tests revealed that BullGuard Game Booster has higher frame per second rates than competitors and is even faster than PCs that have no protection.
  • Type: Security
  • Physical Media: Yes
  • Device: 10
  • Licence: 1 Year
  • Retail: Yes
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